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Feel free to use my dice roller for any and all role playing systems:

Select the type of Dice you want to roll from the drop down list. If you want to roll more than 1 die of that type, enter the number of dice you want to roll in the # Dice field. If you want to add or subtract a specific number from the total roll, enter that number in the Mods field. If you want to subtract an amount (such as -1) enter the minus (hyphen) before the number. The plus is assumed, otherwise. If you would like to drop the highest die or the lowest die from each roll, select that option from the Drop list. If you would like to roll this particular combination of dice more than once (which can be useful when rolling up a character, for instance) enter a number in the # Rolls field. No entry in this field, or a minus number entry will result in a single roll.

If you would like to email the roll to your game master, use the form fields beneath the basic dice roller. The Subject line will appear as the subject of your email message. The eMail From field should contain your email address (we'll CC you on the message) and the eMail To field should contain the GM's email address. This last field must be filled out for an email to be sent at all.